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Friday, January 07, 2011

Our kids

.....they are growing up. Typing that brings me both joy and sadness. I love watching them do their thing everyday - being with them is my favorite place to be. I also know that as each day passes, I am closer to a physical death - meaning, that I won't be alive to see all the days of their lives. Selfish of me? Maybe... probably.... yeah.

They have always enjoyed sitting at any table together to paint. I hope that this is a deep memory of their childhood because watching their minds and hands create (anything!) is pure happiness.

They each have a collection of stuffed dogs. One night before watching a movie, I told them to go get their one to two favorite stuffed animals (I knew they would most likely fall asleep). All three returned with their dogs!

Wow....look how big he is!
He's growing............FAST!
I can't keep up with him.
He's full of energy and can't be still!

Slurping on a latte....

Licking the bowl from Mom's cupcakes.

A boot, a dog, and a cute little girl.

Mr. Cowlick.
The hair stylist counted 9 cowlicks
last week when she trimmed him up.

Puzzles occupied a lot of our time
over the Christmas holidays.

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