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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planning of sorts

I decided to start menu planning. I mean, gosh....I've only been married for 11 years and am six & a half years into motherhood. Starting now makes sense, I guess (I crack myself up). Tonight, Mitch is giving me two hours ALONE to leave the house and do whatever I want to do. Menu planning will be one of the things I do as I sit alone at the coffee house. Another? Maybe I'll just sip and listen to the music on my iPod. Or, maybe I'll go pick a friend's daffodils to put in my kitchen. Wait, I might browse the bargain books at Barnes & Noble. Better yet, can I just take my pillow?

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Jawan--I just found your blog and I love reading through it :) Menu planning is awesome and really helps me...since if I don't menu plan 4:00 in the afternoon rolls around and I realize there is nothing to fix for dinner or it is all in the freezer and will take too long to cook...Love me some good menu planning--I have a cute menu planner on my fridge that makes it fun too :)