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Monday, January 03, 2011

Ask me come February

I want - AND NEED - to be in God's Word. Did I forget to include the word "more" at the end of that sentence? Nope. Simply stated, it's been difficult to read my Bible during this journey called motherhood. So. So. So. Hard.

Keeping it simple:
This is the Bible reading plan I'll be using this year. I have no plans to keep a journal of my readings, take notes on what I read, or discuss with another what I've read (all those things are great but I have no expectations to do those things) - my only plan is to my own pace. Praise God that he delights in me and wants to feed me with his living Word!

I've never been consistent in reading the Bible but I've never thought for one moment that the Lord held my inconsistency over my head. Guilt isn't a good word to describe how I feel when I go long (and I mean LONG!) stretches of time without opening my Bible (do Sundays count?) - rather, I just miss the intimacy with Jesus.

So, ask me how I'm doing come February.

Really....ask me.


heather said...

After becoming a mom, getting in Bible reading has been a bigger struggle for me as well. For my birthday this last year, M got me an audio Bible. It has been very helpful. But I still need to make sure that I get in times to sit still before the Lord. I don't do that very well.

One of my New Year's plans is to aim to get in the Word every day. Even if it is a just a small section. And with an audio Bible to listen to and a regular Bible to read, I figure I am out of excuses for not doing that.

AmberV said...

I'll ask you, only if you ask me ;). I was doing so well up until I had Eli. Those newborns throw your schedule into a tailspin and it's so hard to get back to normal. Thanks also for the reading plan. i think I'll try the same one as you.