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Friday, March 26, 2010

We'll miss you, KP!

In the matter of one week, my friend, KP, found out she was finally pregnant, her husband was offered a position at his dream job, and a contract was pending on their house. So, to celebrate our friendship, some of the ladies from our church took her out to eat tonight and spend a few last moments with her, see, her husband's dream job is five states away. KP will be moving in ONE WEEK!

I love you, KP. I'm so thankful God gave us three years of face-to-face friendship. I know that we will forever converse, whether it by via phone, email, or FACEBOOK. Your parents also have a sweet place in our hearts and we will miss seeing them twice a year. I am so excited for you and MP. God is certainly the giver of all good things. How grand that he's given you each other, a job to provide, a house to live in, and a sweet little baby in your family. I wish I could be there to celebrate the baby's birth but please, please, please call us over here in Georgia when he/she decides it's time to make an appearance.

Some of my memories of KP:

eating PB&J sandwiches together
traveling to St. L for a week long stay at her parent's house
learning about our cameras together (can you say "manual"?)
gift of the stuffed frogs
conversations after the worship service
giggling & crying on the phone
talking about pregnancy and motherhood
apartment horror stories

We love you, KP.

1 comment:

Joni M said...

dear one, this makes me cry; tears of joy for knowing you, tears of sadness we won't see you much, tears of thanksgiving for M&K and the blessings coming their way...but I'm so very thankful for the blog b/c I know I'll still be able to keep up with ya'll and watch your babies grow...we've had to move lots in our married life, and still keep in touch with those special friends we've met along the way, so by all means, we'll keep in touch with you as well. And well, if you ever get back this way again give us a call--grammie always has cookies in the cookie jar!!!