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Thursday, March 11, 2010

So many hugs

While teaching my kindergarten art class today, one usually hyper little boy kept getting up from his station to give me hug after hug after hug. The first and second hugs were cute and I reciprocated by giving him gentle squeezes in return. The third hug he gave (around my leg, mind you) was beginning to get old and, by the fourth hug, I was getting extremely tired of being interrupted as I was trying to give instructions to the class about the art project at hand. So, with gentleness I said, "I appreciate your hugs but right now is not the time since we only have a few minutes together this morning to complete our project. Now go back and sit down and don't get back up again, please." His response? "I can't help it, Mrs. McGinnis. I'm a lover."

I 'bout peed my pants.


Joni M said...

LOL--gotta give the child credit for such a quick response! But, there is a time for loving and then there is a time for working...

heather said...

That is hilarious!