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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Luke: "Mom, who are those people walking through our neighborhood with their Bibles?"

Andrew: "Oh, I know. They are telling people about God."

Me: "Well, how many Gods are there?"

Both boys: "There's only ONE TRUE GOD!" (children's catechism #10)

Me: "Well, those people are telling others of.....

Luke, interrupting: "...a pretend god?"

Me: "Well....yeah."

Andrew: "'Since we know the one true God, does that make us better than them, Mom?"

Me: "Certainly not. Our hearts are just as dirty as theirs...but what do we have that we could share with them?

Andrew: "Jesus! A savior!"

Me: "Do we deserve Jesus and his grace?"

Luke: "Nope, but he died on the cross for my dirty heart anyway, right, Mom?"

We had this conversation in the car tonight on our way to a Jews for Jesus presentation of the Passover meal. What a great reminder of God's love toward me! How encouraging to hear the gospel gripping my boys' heart, softening it, and molding them through the asking of questions. Praise God!


BKicklighter said...

I send out a sincere WOW! and AWESOME!

Holly Tye said...

amen! how sweet!

Melissa said...

so sweet! brought tears to my eyes. I love hearing my own children processing these things, so I know you must have felt the same way. Love it!