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Monday, March 08, 2010

Our life this past week in pictures

We had a baby in the house one evening last week while his parents went on a date. This is the area where he sat at the table (corn and blueberries).

Of course, he was surrounded by two 2-year olds who also made a mess in their area.

Basketball is one of Luke's favorite games. He's thinking of entering next year's slam dunk contest - neighborhood entries only, of course.

Some artwork by my third grade students that I teach once a week. Bak-Bak!

A friend took Abigail through the Starbucks drive-thru for her first time ever. She fell in love with her hot also made her nose run. (DON'T CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO's GROSS!)

Andrew has been turning his nose up at play-dough lately because he thinks it's for younger kids - but he found some toothpicks and designed his own centipede this afternoon. He was proud and said, "Mom, go grab your camera, please!".

A.C. came over to play one afternoon this week. She mastered her skills on the scooter.

Andrew is enjoying one of his activity books that has alot of written codes, mazes, and word finds. He loves to learn, sound out his words, tell me what letters he sees on road signs, and stick his nose in a book.

This morning before church I just had to capture my sweet little girl on camera. She brings such joy to me heart. PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE DIRTY FINGERPRINTS ON THE DRYWALL. Didn't you hear me? Don't look!

1 comment:

Wanda said...

Oh, what precious children! And what a precious mom they have. I'm so glad you belong to me. I love you all so much. Mom.