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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Weird & funny mailboxes

I was doing an image search on Google today for "mailbox" and "postal truck" since my kids are making a card for our post man who is retiring this weekend. Posted below are a few pictures of some of the results from my search. They are so funny (and strange)!

Farmer's box.

Local NRA president.

Can't afford a Harley, huh?

Radiation therapist.

Someone used to work in retail or really likes the movie, "A Christmas Story".

This one belongs to my friend, Loran.
He's a fanatic like that.

DNC moderator.

Lance Armstrong's box.

Box from Hades.

My uncle is a chiropractor. I wonder if he'd like this for Christmas.

I'm diving into photography....this one is cute.

This box probably belongs to my nutty APPLE friends, Erick or Gene.

Seriously, all these boxes were just pictures found randomly through my Google search... I know some of you are envious!

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