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Thursday, July 15, 2010

She's 3! How many? THREE!

Abigail turned three years old over a week ago. I had tons of tokens from that cheesy place so we played for a bit and then cashed in our tickets for cheap plastic prizes (to her delight!). Her oldest brother was at camp so only the four of us went. There were no gifts and no mention of cake...and she never asked. I think she was just happy to be with her family. She even said she missed Andrew.

Once her brother returned from camp, we had a small birthday celebration at her grandparent's house. You should have seen how full that pool was of party people! Some of her favorite people in the world were at her party eating cake and ice cream with her. She was thrilled.

What DID she ask for? Well.....a birthday wouldn't be a real birthday without Chick-Fil-A. Delicious as always.

Abigail, you are dearly loved. Our prayer for you is that your knowledge of the Lord will grow and his love and grace will soak deeply into your heart. Love Jesus, little girl. Tell others of Jesus. Enjoy God. There is no other purpose in life.

Happy birthday, baby girl.

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