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Monday, July 12, 2010

My cousin graduated and I made her this mug thingy

I like to make things. When my second cousin, Jamie, graduated from high school in Los Angeles last month, I knew I wanted to make her a little somethin' somethin'. So, what else does a future college student want and need? A COFFEE MUG TO GO WITH THEIR COFFEE!

I jazzed up a boring insulated plastic coffee thingy by taking pictures from her graduation announcement, making a collage from them and other words/letter/pictures from magazines, and then laminating the collage to fit inside the mug's inner lining. I put a packaged sample of Starbucks iced coffee inside the mug and then wrapped it with love before mailing.

It was really a lot of fun to make and I think the fact that it was created for a family member made it more of a treasure. Not to mention that our other cousin, Kelly, actually took the photographs of Jamie! Jamie text'd me today to tell me how much she loved it. I can just envision it in the middle console circle of her car as she zips around Culver City.

I think this will become my staple gift to give all female graduates....I'll be up a creek with no paddle when it comes to the boys, I guess. Suggestions?


heather said...

This is a great idea! The kids and I made one as a Father's Day gift a number of years ago We put the kids hand prints all over it. M still uses that mug. But I hadn't thought of other ideas like a graduation gift.

kim said...

Thank you so much Jawan. Jamie is so proud of that mug. Kristie (another cousin) spent the night last night & she whipped it out & showed Kristie the mug. Kristie thought it very cute. In fact she started her first job today & left with mug & coffee in hand. ha Oh & by the way she doesn't zip around LA in a car, my girl drives a 4x4 lifted truck with that coffee mug in the middle console! ha Good thing it's got a lid, so that it doesn't splash out with the bouncing of that truck! ha