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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Andrew's home from camp!

When we arrived, he was playing football with his new friends, right beside the lake. He waved and continued playing until we got close enough for a hug. Throughout the camp meal, program and presentation, he whispered in my ear of how much fun he'd had this past week. It made me smile to see him point things out to me since I was on staff at this camp for two straight summers and knew it like the back of my hand. It brought him pleasure to inform me of locations and adventures. He shared a little of what he learned of the gospel through reading the book of RUTH with the other campers. Oh, I love that he enjoyed camp and that he wasn't ready to come home (kind of).

Mr. Jacob was an amazing counselor, friend, and mentor for Andrew this week.

Singing songs is a HUGE part of camp. Especially those with grand hand motions!

The wooded trails are deep and dark at times so holding hands becomes a habit. Maybe Andrew will be more apt to hold his mommy's hand from now on. We'll see.....

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