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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Thanks, Sassy!

My kids call my sister "Aunt Sassy". Her real name is Angela but I had a hard time with all those syllables as a child, so I tagged her as Sassy. My kids like that name better, too (it's much easier for them to say than Aunt Angela). She sent a few crafts our way to save up for a rainy day. Today was that day! The kids hated being cooped up in the house and, since I'm battling sickness, this puppet craft was the perfect thing to occupy a good chunk of time Tuesday afternoon.

Andrew chose the Dalmatian and Luke chose the monkey. Abigail would have done a frog puppet but she wasn't very interested. I'm saving it for later, Sassy!

1 comment:

Aunt B said...

oh how I miss Aunt Sassy and her great surprises for little ones. She is the BEST.

Our rainy day project isn't crafting but cleaning. YUCKY MUCKY...but thankful for the blessing of rain.