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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kid's meal toys

Ok, I admit it....I am a sucker for buying my children those expensive kid's meals at any fast food establishment. They make my children happy (har-har) and it makes ordering easier (call me lazy). SO....of course this has made me an EXPERT (insert laugh here) on evaluating those ever so valuable toys that come along with the nutritious bagged/boxed meal.

By far, Chick-Fil-A has the best "toy" since almost EVERY toy item is educational (ok, sometimes even a bit boring...I mean, what kid really wants a set of "THE U.S. 50 STATES AND FACTS"?). I love the book serious that CFA often includes in their toy line-up, too. The puzzle series kept my boys busy for hours as they mixed up the pieces to make weird pictures. If I were an award giver, I'd recognize CFA for coming up with those foreign language CDs last year. I played mine while washing dishes late at night and found myself speaking Japanese to an empty room. The CFA meal deal is even sweeter in that you can trade in your unopened toy for an ice cream cone! Oh, Mama loves this!

And...yes, I MUST mention the toys from McDonald's and Burger King. How would the world stay informed of the upcoming movie releases if it weren't for Mickey D's and BK? Promotion is the ticket at these dining establishments. I'm not a fan of these toys because they have JUNKED UP OUR TOY ROOM and MY VAN!!!!!! I try to secretly dispose of these toys when all three of my children aren't looking, but I've made the mistake of not burying these delightful treasures deep enough in the trash can and have found myself CAUGHT, trying to explain how the toy got there.

Arby's is a hit or miss type of toy distributor. Sometimes they make lousy excuses for a sport toy (frisbee, plastic basketball hoop, etc) but they have also surprised me with games that engage the mind and encourage interaction. Not to mention that the curly fries are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Andrew got one of these games as his toy a few days ago and I will probably post some of those qusetions on my blog to see what random comments and responses it creates.

Well, this was not meant to be a post about kid's meal toys but it seems to have turned into just that. I like to make lists in rank order.


heather said...

We own several of the toys that you show in your photo-or I should say we owned them at some point. I am not sure if we still have them as I, too, clean out these sorts of toys.

Ashley C. Hines said...

Oh, as is teacher it makes me so sad to hear these toys find themselves in the garbage. Donate them to the local school treasure box.That is how I justify Braley getting them. I know they will have a good use later. No matter how much she has loved them, they always make some kids day.