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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hockey is the best!

We are a hockey family....well, as best as we can be while living in the deep south. I can hear all my northern friends laughing at me now. But boys love the game and we go to the local minor league games often during hockey season. We even venture to Atlanta once or twice a year just to catch the Thrashers play. Our YMCA even offers a street hockey league but we're not so sure we like the aggression the game encourages (but watching it just fine, right, Jawan? Hypocrite!).

On a different note, Mitch and I have had Verizon phone service almost our entire marriage. We have not been disappointed and are pleased that they have always taken care of the customer. What do hockey and Verizon have in common?

...a VERY funny commercial that had Mitch and me laughing our booties off.

1 comment:

BKicklighter said...

Laughing outloud!
That was hilarious.