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Monday, April 13, 2009

Paw-Paw's grave

My father passed away nine years ago, so my children will never get the joy of knowing him. I have told them many stories of their "Paw-Paw" but the kids are most fascinated with his actual grave. I know....that sounds morbid. It's not actually the grave itself that they are interested in but rather the difference between Paw-Paw's body and soul. They understand that it's only Paw-Paw's body in the grave and that his soul is in heaven with Jesus. Andrew smiles when he says, "I'll get to meet Paw-Paw in heaven one day, won't I, Mama?".

My five year old "gets it" and has been begging me to take him to see Paw-Paw's grave on our next visit to my hometown. Spring break brought that visit so we made it a priority to stop at the cemetery and let the boys see my father's grave and begin asking their questions.

In this picture, my sister shows the boys my daddy's grave marker for the first time. Then, the questions began and honest answers were given. I would have loved for them to have met my dad but they will surely know of him through stories and pictures....this one included.

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