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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Microwavable bread recipe

Thanks to THE KITCHN', I think I'm gonna try making some bread....but this time I'm gonna do it in my microwave. Crazy huh? We'll see!


Joni M said...

Good morning Jawan--just a comment or two on the micro bread. You will not get the same texture of an oven baked bread nor the browning, but since I know you don't really enjoy cooking and baking much, I'd encourage you to at least try it. That being said, if this recipe doesn't turn out and you'd still like to try your hand at some homemade bread, holler at me and I'll send you a couple of pretty easy, fool-proof recipies that don't take a lot of prep. One in particular I'm thinking of you can make in the afternoon and eat it for dinner, and the other one starts with an overnight mixture that you use the next day to create the dough with. These both you need to bake in an oven but aren't complicated and make wonderful breads...By all means let me know if you would like the recipes. Love ya!

Joni M said...

oh my, I should have gone to look at your recipe before I posted the first time...I've never heard of "proofing" the dough in the micro like that, but hey--she might be on to something! So you just very well might get the right texture and browning for your bread since you do actually bake it in the oven...well good for you girl for getting out there and finding such an interesting recipe! Be sure to post a review of how it turns out!