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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time with my oldest

The two little ones napped at the same time today so I had some sweet quiet time with my oldest, Andrew. I can quickly get selfish with this time and inwardly crave this moment for "me", wishing Andrew would just take a nap...but that's a battle I don't like to fight. Plus, spending time with him is far more important than laundry, dishes, toilet cleaning, or posting to my blog.

I was inspired today as I listened to Barbara Curtis at our MOPS meeting. She gave some great practical activities to do with you child we came home and put them into practice. Here, Andrew is learning how the suction of a dropper works while enjoying the blue colored water. He worked left to right as he transferred the water from bowl to cup. He really enjoyed this. Later, I mixed some rice and macaroni in a bowl and had him take a large spoon, scoop up the mix and see if he could transfer it to another bowl without spilling any of it. The whole time he transferred, he whispered, "Don't spill it, don't spill it, don't spill it". Barbara said this is a good activity to envoke focus and concentration. It worked!

Later, I remembered an idea that my friend, Melissa, mentioned to me of decorating a small birdhouse with outside we got busy on that activity as well. First, we went outside to gather "nature" materials. Here, Andrew is squatting on the ground collecting acorns, leaves, and sticks. We came back inside where Andrew painted the birdhouse and then began gluing (with my help on the hot glue gun) all of his items to it.

Here is the final result. Cute, don't 'cha think?


Amber said...

Love hearing about all your goings on...also, congrats on getting 2 of my movie quotes!
btw, Abigail laughing was cracking me up! Can't believe she's so big--I thought she was just born yesterday...(haha).

Paige M said...

Oh how I wish you stilled lived in Moody! I would love to share in some of the many fun things you do with your kids. I am homeschooling Landy this year. I love reading your posts.
I also wanted to tell you thanks for posting about John Piper's granddaughter in September. I read your post about two days after attending the funeral of my dear friend's baby, who had a very similar story as the Pipers. His funeral was actually the day the Piper's lost their baby. My friend went to John Piper's blog, and found it very encouraging. Thanks again!