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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Going to the doctor

Luke ran a fever for three days and has since been screaming. I've given him Motrin, baths, my time, and love...nothing is working. He acts out his frustration through pain by screaming, pinching me, biting things, hitting furniture, and throwing toys and his limbs about. I think it's an ear infection but we'll find out soon...we are heading to the doctor in 30 minutes. Here's a picture of him 24 hours before the fever hit.

Andrew's craft time Friday afternoon consisted of taking old Christmas cards and making a collage.

This is a normal everyday look of Abigail. She's always content with a smile on her face.


amy said...

Hope all is well. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

So is all well with Luke now after the dr apt?? If it was an ear infection, whoa, poor little guy--those are so painful, especially when you are little! Love Joni M