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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Self portrait & bug exam

During "rest-time" today, I needed to get out in the garage to get a few things done. While the two little ones slept, Andrew tagged along with me to help me accomplish my tasks. He quickly got bored of riding his bike, climbing on the van, exploring under the floormats, and rummaging through many boxes of junk. So, I had him lay down on some paper and trace his body. He thought it was so funny! Later, we colored his portrait and hung it on the garage wall. My goal tomorrow is to go to his class and do this as a project. Let's hope they all think it's funny, too. Oh, and, by the way, I did manage to accomplish a few of the tasks in the garage that I set out to do. Imagine that.

After Luke woke from his nap, he joined us outside. He and Andrew found a dead wasp and decided to inspect every part of it. In this picture, they are talking about the guts that are oozing out of it. Boys......


april b said...

So fun! I love how he has markers all over his hands in that second picture....

Heidi said...

You take such great pictures. I think by the time our kids have kids, all baby albums and pics will be online!

Always love stopping by your blogspot, Cuz ;-)