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Monday, November 05, 2007


Abigail was baptized yesterday. It was a deep moment to reflect upon the grace of God and His faithfulness. It was sweet to hold my daughter in my arms as her Daddy sprinkled her head with water and prayed. Our family gathered to witness the sacrament (notice Luke crying in typical fashion - the time change really messed him up).

My paternal grandmother is a patient at Roosevelt Rehab Institute right up the road in Warm Springs. We traveled the 40 miles north to see her Saturday afternoon. She adores Abigail and wanted to hold her for a while. I'm not sure what Abigail is thinking here but I can't wait to show her this picture in the future and giggle one day!


Heidi said...

Abigail looks so much like Mitch in that first picture! And I love that Luke is crying :-) Right on!

Give him my sympathies ... the time change messed me up, too!

Love ya!

Crissy said...

Too sweet! I loved my kids' baptisms. Such a wonder and comfort. Love you and miss you.