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Thursday, November 01, 2007


Mitch is a huge Georgia Tech fan. He got a kick out of tonight's announcement before the televised game that four of the opposing team's (Virginia Tech) jerseys were they improvised by wearing some of GT's old jerseys, blacking out the words, and writing their own last names on the back. This included the quarterback! Here's what The Roanoke Times reported:

Strange happenings early here at Bobby Dodd Stadium in Atlanta. We're about an hour away from kickoff and have just learned that four Virginia Tech game jerseys are missing. They belong to Sean Glennon, Tyrod Taylor, Brandon Flowers and Kam Chancellor.

Glennon is out there stretching, and his jersey does not look unusual at first glance. But closer inspection reveals the name on the back is written in magic marker. No kidding.

According to Tech sports information director Dave Smith, here's what happened: The Hokies arrived in town yesterday, and equipment manager Lester Karlin hung the jerseys in the players' lockers during the team walk-through. When the Hokies showed up to the stadium today, the four jerseys were missing. The jerseys the four will wear in the game tonight are actually Georgia Tech practice jerseys doctored to look as much like Tech uniforms as possible.


Amy Self said...

Tech lies and cheats!!!
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!! :)


Burt said...

whoever it was should have stolen more than just jerseys ... it didn't help

Mitch said...

Burt - you're right. We might have had a chance if we could have stolen their actual quarterback.
Sting 'em Jackets!!!!