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Sunday, June 03, 2007


It has almost been a year.....a year that has brought no improvement in the area of putting Andrew to bed at night. HE STILL SCREAMS AND CRIES AT THE DOOR WHEN WE TELL HIM GOODNIGHT! It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating! He tells us things through the door that we know are just tactics he's using to get us to open up and let him out:

I need to go pee pee!
My toe hurts!
My eye hurts - I need ice!
Why you close the door?
I want you to hold me!
My milk is all gone.

All the while, Luke is in his crib (in the same room) going to sleep. He has grown use to Andrew's nighttime routine. I wish I knew WHAT ELSE TO DO. Do you ever get tired of praying? It's been ALMOST A YEAR! When will it change? When will I be able to leave the room without him chasing me to the door, only to have me have to "push" him back in to keep him from coming out? AHHHHHHH! He's three years old. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I'm comparing him to ALL the other three year olds I know whose parents have told me they have no trouble at night. Maybe I rocked him too much when he was little. We do all the loving and reassuring we can before turning out the light. We have THE SAME routine everynight, too.....sit on the floor and pick out two books which we then read, sing a few songs, pray and then turn lights out. I have been rubbing his head for only a few seconds but he never relaxes because he's squatting in his bed, waiting to leap out after me towards the door. Once I've closed the door, either Mitch or I stand in front of it holding the doorknob still so he can't get out. He thinks we've locked it but then he is quick to kneel down and peek under the door to see our toes. He KNOWS we're there, but it brings no comfort to him. He usually ends up sticking his fingers out from under the door in effort to get our attention. We just stand there and make ABSOLUTELY no noise until he finally gives up and retreats to his bed. I have no trouble standing firm but it still breaks my heart.


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