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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Only 5 more weeks!

I'm officially 35 weeks pregnant. Only five more weeks to go. Not that I have a real choice in the matter but I would like it very much if Abigail waited just two more weeks before making her appearance. Selfishly, I have much to do before she arrives. I want to finish this week of VBS, travel on our planned trip to Memphis (Mitch & me only - my mom is driving up to keep the boys), and do the last minute touches to her room (tidying up her drawers & closet so I can get a handle on where her things are located). However, my biggest prayer is that, if she does indeed come early, I hope she doesn't decide to do so when I'm up in the air on the plane to Memphis next week. Fortunately, it's only a hour and a half flight. That might make a cool news story but I'd rather be another boring, yet healthy, hospital statisitic.

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