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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We're here.....the journey has been somewhat normal, boring, and uneventful....exactly what any traveler would want. However, there was a mix-up with our hotel room when we got here so we are not staying where we thought but rather many blocks away, relying on the trolley to get us back and forth. Fortunately, there's not a real reason for me to actually leave the convention center so I will probably just tag along with Mitch whereever he goes, if I'm allowed (sometimes they hold closed business meetings on the floor discussing matters only to be discussed amongst elders).

The airline stated on their website that I was to have a doctor's excuse with me when checking and boarding, but no one asked me about my pregnancy when I approached the gate. I don't think they would have until I whipped it out to make sure they knew I was cleared. One of the boarding attendants squinted her nose and took in a large gasp of air and said, "Oh, I don't know about're in your ninth month and we certainly get nervous when women fly this late in their pregnancy." It scared me a little to think that I might not be able to board but she said, "I'll let it slide this time" (Oh, thanks......).

We've already had a wonderful worship service and seen many friends. I'm excited to see more tomorrow as well as attend another women's function and craft. It's totally overwhelming to be in the assembly hall singing with over 1000 other voices in praise. Tears come to my eyes as we lift our eyes to God. I love being here...but I sure do miss my children. I called home tonight to check in with my mother and sister who are keeping A and L. They were in the middle of bathtime and once A heard my voice on the phone, he lost it. He cried, "I want you to come home now, Mommy!". I'm counting the days.

More posting tomorrow, I hope.

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