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Thursday, June 28, 2007

38 weeks update

My pitiful attempt to write a "cheesy" poem at almost 2 a.m. -

Another weekly routine check today;
No progression has been made.
Not surprised - I am the typical case.
All the walking I've done this week, I'm in a race.
The ultrasound performed today
Showed she's measuring at seven pounds, they say.
Membranes were stripped - no comment to add
Haven't had the first contraction since, too bad.


Kimberly said...

My poor dear, I have been thinking about you much. I despise the end. Is it possible to get LESS sleep and then spend all day entertaining toddlers? I hope you go today...

april b said...

Girl, you are good at 2am. I couldn't even write that if I tried and it was a normal time of day! E-mail me (you can get my address through our website) and I'll give you Wade and Jill's info.

BK said...

You are hilarious.

kelly cavin said...

hey, me again. how are you holding up. Are you about to pop? i am sure you feel that way! I am 22 weeks not far behind. Found out it is a little boy. We are excited. I read in one of your previous blogs that you aren't having a scheduled c-section. May i ask a question? have you had a c-section and now deliving naturally? I am curious to know b/c i had a c-section with Dakota and wondering the best way to deliver #2. Let me know your thoughts.
Hope you are feeling good and that that baby comes ASAP!!