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Friday, March 16, 2007

A night away

Mitch and I are on our way to a short weekend retreat at Camp Marannook. We are only going to be away one night but we are looking forward to the time alone (even though we will have to stay in the cabins on twin beds!). The boys are staying with their grandparents, which is exciting for many reasons but especially since they just got a new puppy. Andrew likes to help Pop and MeMe take Prissy, the puppy, outside to potty. He is still learning how to gently hold the puppy without tossing it about. It's a good thing Prissy tolerates children well. Luke could care less about the dog at times. He just wants to be outside, climbing over couches, wrestling on the floor, or running around the house naked after a bath.

Andrew is definitely the quiet and affectionate son. Luke is undeniably the loud and independent son.....hmmm.....makes me wonder what kind of personality Abigail will have.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that is how our two are, and we chalk it up to being #2. I am hoping for a nice mix of the two for #3. Will know in about 2 weeks. libby