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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adam Wright

I went to Moody this past weekend to sing at my old church's WIC spring banquet. It was loads of fun to see many sweet friends. They even had a surprise "baby shower" for me - got lots of pink and green stuff!

I had the honor of singing along with Adam Wright during the morning assembly and luncheon times of the banquet. Call this a plug if you want (and it is - I'm good at doing this sort of thing), but Adam is one of the most talented people I know. He doesn't give himself enough credit for the arrangements he composes of various Trinity and Gadsby hymns nor does he realize that he is gifted when it comes to writing lyrics to songs; but I like him that way - humble. He's written several songs and put them together on two albums. I've linked his MySpace page here if you'd like to read about him, his band, or hear a few audio clips. He's an excellent piano, guitar and mandoline player. You'll be impressed.

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