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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Weird milk theory

Heard a weird theory the other day. I'm trying to wean Luke that's he's almost 13 months. I'm tired, pregnant, and not enjoying it anymore. I realize it's not about me but he is slowly losing interest anyway. I'm already down to one feeding a day. Some might say that shouldn't be burdensome but it is when it's always at 4 a.m. Did I mention I was pregnant? Oh yeah..... Anyway, I called my lactation consultant last week (is that too much information for some of you?) to get some advice as to how to wean this child. After giving me much encouragement NOT to wean him, she told me to offer him SOY milk (I've tried whole milk from the cow but even a little dab of OVALTINE hasn't done the trick to get him hooked). She then said, "You know, don't you think it strange that we're the only mammals on the face of the earth that drink the milk of another mammal?". I've never been asked that question, thus have never given it any thought. I didn't have to think long for my answer (I didn't voice it to her, however). God created man and called him VERY GOOD. We are his most valuable creation. A soul has been given to us so that we might know and ENJOY him here on earth and in heaven. Therefore, I have no problem drinking cow's milk. He created the cow for various purposes (I'm not a vegetarian) such as for meat, for milk, and even as pasture trimmers. So, when I drink cow's milk, I drink to the glory of God. I thank God that He chose to create and give us an animal that we can enjoy. That might sound weird to some. Oh well.....SOY milk stinks, anyway.

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Libby said...

I am sorry you are having this problem at 4am. You could try giving it in a sippy...I have heard that some like it better that way, not sure why...maybe because it is different than a bottle. Who knows! All of us are different and like different things....I like cow's milk, and pediatricians say that they want children to have whole milk until at least 2 for the helps brain development. However, my sister was allergic to milk, formula, etc. so she drank gatorade for almost the first year of life, and she turned out pretty darn good! Good luck!Libby