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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Kiss my feet

Silly me...when teaching my 3rd grade art class last week, one of the boys asked me who was gonna win the BCS Championship game. I am a SEC fan, but a huge Gator hater so I didn't hesitate to say, "Ohio State will win for sure!". He disagreed with me and we joked about it for a few minutes. Finally, I said, "Tell you what - if Ohio State beats UF then you have to kiss my feet with my shoes on (that was the smart part of the deal) and if UF beats Ohio State, then I'll kiss your feet with your shoes on". The entire class laughed and we shook on it. Today at school, the young man approached me and said, "You better get that pucker ready, Mrs. McGinnis, 'cause you're gonna have to do some feet kissin' when we come to your class!" I laughed and told him that I would be sure to bring my camera so I could capture him eating his words while having to bow to kiss my clean feet.

Guess I better get my pucker ready 'cause UF just beat Ohio State, 41-14. It is sometimes best to go with the UNDERDOG.

1 comment:

chad and chrissy said...

I guess the lesson is, never bet against the Gators. I'll have to say, I thought the Buckeyes would win, but I wouldn't be putting in feet kissin bets on it. Can't wait to see the pictures.