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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Liquid damage

After dealing with a great cell phone that all of a sudden started powering down on me after just being charged all night, I took it to the store to see what the trouble was. Liquid damage. I guess I let Luke play with it too much and it accumulated all of his slobber. So, I've got a new phone now (same cell number, though) but am frustrated that I have to pay $10 to have my contacts transferred from the old to the new. There's a fee for everything......


Huffs said...

I've lost two cell phones to the same thing. One was handled too much at the neighborhood pool last summer, and one was left out on the garbage can overnight. Water damage. I haven't ever been charged a fee to transfer contacts, but I'm sure they're making up for that in other fees!!!

Amber said...

I had the same problem just a month ago! At the boys' birthday party, we had party favor bubbles that got spilled on (of course) my new pink Razr phone. ahhhg. Anyway, I think we are able to salvage the phone, but the battery was dead, and the new battery can only be charged outside the phone on one of those little desk chargers. oh well, ces la vie. So no extra fees, not yet anyway.