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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Polar Express

I cannot count how many times I've watched the movie The Polar Express. We gave Andrew the DVD for Christmas and it's all he cares to watch. We have had to limit him to a few minutes of it a day instead of it running non-stop. He's watching it now while sipping on some juice. I've memorized every line of it. I think he has, too. Anyone else's kid have a favorite movie...memorized it yet?


Huffs said...

We've had several favorites over time--currently Bent has Cars. We know the whole thing backward and forward, and our TV is usually turned on a total of 30 minutes a day. It's amazing how it sticks in the memory!!!

Laura Leigh said...

Funny -- I can't memorize anything if I try. And I can play a movie or a song thousands of times over again and not know the words. But I do have to say, Steven has gotten some great sermon illustration from movies, but probably the most from The Lion King, which Emma and Eli watched ALL THE TIME!

Libby said...

Not only do we memorize movies, but songs as well. Both the girls had Christmas productions at school and then one at church...we are STILL singing the songs that they did...Annie did something like 17 at school and Riley did like 14...can you imagine....hee hee

Crissy said...

Do I have any movies memorized? Between movies from my own childhood and the movies of each of my 4 kids, I can quote from at least 20 of them. As a matter of fact, I can win a game of Disney Scene with my eyes closed.