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Thursday, March 02, 2006

A Day of Drama

If you notice the time, I'm still's after 1:00 a.m. My youngest child is refusing to go to sleep so I sit here next to him trying to calm him down so he can visit dreamland (, I'm not speaking of the famous ribs you'll find in Tuscaloosa and B'ham!). Wednesday (is that today or I type it as "today" or "yesterday"?) was quite an eventful day for us. A day full of drama. It would take too long to type it all in paragraph form so here it goes the quickest way I know how since my head is about to fall off my shoulders:

1. Ran many errands this morning and things went pretty smoothly
2. Picked up Andrew from school and things were still going smoothly
3. Got home to get ready to put Andrew down for a nap, but.....
4. I went down instead....literally. As I was holding Luke, I tripped over the bouncy seat and fell, hitting my head on the door frame. Fortunately, I was quick enough to transfer Luke from one hip to the other so his head would be safe.
5. As I hit the frame, I see terror in Andrew's eyes and hear him let out a blood curdling scream. He was frozen in fear and worry. He slowly walked toward me with tears rolling down his cheeks. It took forever to calm him down and assure him I was OK.
6. Since Luke was transferred rather quickly from one of my hips to the other, he, too, was shaken and scared. So, here I was on the floor with a bang to the head trying to hug and comfort too screaming babies.
7. Called Mitch to come home and help me....he finally put Andrew down for a nap.
8. After naptime, I decided to make a much needed grocery store trip...with both boys. Mitch was at the church praying (for my banged up head!) so I was alone on this journey.
9. I really, really, really wanted to go to Publix but had two coupons for some free stuff at Winn-Dixie so off I went.
10. Why is it that out of all the carts/buggies at the store that I always manage to find the lemon? I didn't realize it was a lemon until AFTER I had gotten both boys situated in it and began "driving" down aisle 1. The bottom was about to fall out, the wheels were rusty and caused the buggy to stop for no reason, and, of course, it made an awful clanking noise with every push.
11. What's this.....a crying baby? Only on aisle 3. Did I mention that I'm nursing? Glad I had a bottle ready (insulated, mind you). No, may not pull down all the Oreo cookies from the shelf while I'm parked here feeding your little brother.
12. Got Luke out of the car seat since he was tired of staring at the grocery store ceiling. I'm now pushing a buggy full of groceries and a two year old. I've got a three month old on my left hip while pushing and manuvering around corners, trying not to bump into anyone along the way. And why is it that people park/stop their buggy in the middle of the aisle when looking for an item (esp. on a Saturday)?
13. list is complete....let's go check out. What? Only two of the twelve registers are open? You got to be kidding! What long lines.
14. The cashier forgot to scan the coupon so she sent the bag boy (is that the PC word? - who cares...) to get me another from the store display. He returned a few minutes later with no coupon. He said he couldn't find the display. After telling him for the third time where it was, another bag boy was sent. He couldn't find it either. The line behind me is getting longer and my children are getting more irritable by the minute (and so am I!).
15. A manager is called to the scene. I think he was 17....highly incompetent. He was no help. I finally told the cashier that I would go get the coupon but I was taking my children and buggy with me. As I get halfway to the display I see a third bag boy walking toward me with the coupon in hand coming directly from the area where I had said the display was located. AHHHHH!
16. I try to turn my loaded buggy around but can't and I watch as two men walk past, offering no assistance. Three random buggies are clogging the aisle so I ram them, wiping the sweat off my brow.
17. I finally pay for the items and am so frustrated that I refuse help from one of the many bag boys in unloading my groceries since all I want to do is strangle them all.
18. I've been gone way too long and realize there's no time to get home and cook dinner before Andrew's bedtime so I stop at McDonald's.
19. In the drive-thru I order. Two cars ahead of me is a person who can't find their wallet and we're all stuck since the drive-thru is blocked in with bushes. Andrew is crying for a french fry.
20. Home Sweet Home.....
21. Oh, and one more thing. My kid shoplifted a Thomas the Tank Engine book today while we were in Toys-R-Us spending a gift card. I didn't realize I'd left the store with it until I was folding the stroller to load it into the van. Of course he didn't intentionally steal it but I had to explain the story to the management when I walked in with the unpaid item. I wonder if they captured the take on camera? Well, if they did then I'm sure we'll see it on INSIDE EDITION in 20 years when Andrew is famous. HA!

Ok, so it ended up being long like a paragraph....HUSH!

1 comment:

Crissy said...

AAHHHH! I felt a panic attack coming on just reading that post. It made me relive moments just like from my past. And I agree, Publix is so much more peaceful. And they give out free cookies.

Hint: get in front of the buggy and pull it instead of pushing it. Much easier.