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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Back Home

Wow, it's been a long and enjoyable week. I won't go into detail of what we did each day, since no one really cares to read every detail but those that participated, but I will say that I had fun and am dead tired. I was able to spend some "quality time" with my friend Suzie while sitting on the floor playing with our toddlers. I love talking with Suzie. She's real. She's honest, open, and we share a lot in common. I was also able to spend some more time with her that night when I visited our "home" church for the weekly fellowship dinner.

Thursday was spent with my granny. What a woman. I am really enjoying getting to know her better. As I've grown up I've learned to appreciate her more. That's not to say I never appreciated her but I think I'm growing to respect her more, despite the fact that she and I have very different opinions about essential issues. She's such a spry, clever, and funny old lady. I love describing her to my friends. Unlike some 80-year-old grandmothers, mine still gets down on her knees to garden, still drives a car like a champ, is still active in the local social clubs, and still plays bridge every Thursday with four women who are older than her! Her favorite place to eat is Wendy's so she treated us to lunch (we found no finger in our chili, by the way). Andrew thinks she's cool and loves spending time with his great-grandmother. Granny loves spoiling her great-grands so I wasn't surprised when she walked in with a basket for each of my boys, full of plastic Easter eggs.

Friday was special because I was able to spend it with my college roommate, Heather. It was the day of her 30th birthday and she chose to celebrate it with me. I decorated a cake for her (see picture of another cake I made). What did we do? We sat on the floor and played with our children; my two boys and her three children (one boy and two twin girls). I also got to eat lunch with her and her sweet husband, Drew, whom I think is the BOMB! I love that girl and wish we could see each other every day. Love you, Scooter! I'll keep the candle burning for you.....

I have spots of hair dye on my arms due to staying up til midnight coloring my niece's hair. I spent the regular hours this morning with my mother and sister making a cute flower bouquet from ballpoint pens (see picture). It was sad pulling out of Mom's driveway. Andrew cried for five minutes after leaving. He loves his Gami. It was a good weekend.

Well, thanks for reading about my deep thoughts here.


Amber said...

Thanks for sharing--I found it quite interesting to see how you spent your trip. And your cake was gorgeous!! You go girl!

Crissy said...

Reading that makes me look forward to your visit next month. PARTY!