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Monday, April 04, 2011


Last week in my preschool class (you know, the one that allows me to be with one of my children all morning - I love it!), we discussed the meanings of our personal names, how our parents came up with our name, and said our middle names out loud, too. Then, I asked if they had any nicknames that their parents called them that I might not know.

First child, "My mommy calls me Punkin' Tater."

Second child, "Oh yeah, sometimes she calls me Princess."

Third child, "My daddy is funny. He likes to call me Snookums."

Fourth child, "Just Sweetheart....that's all I am at home."

My child, "Booger!"

I was so caught off guard that I busted out laughing! You can imagine the laughter among my 4-5 year old students, too. But, he's right....I have referred to him as Booger:

"Get your shoes on, Booger, so we can load up and get to church."

"Hey, Boog....where's the marker you borrowed and said you'd put back in the drawer?"

"I love you, Booger! What book do you want me to read to you tonight?"

At least he's listening and hasn't asked me to stop....although, it is kind of nasty. Maybe he won't notice or care if I stop calling him that. I DO HAVE OTHER NICKNAMES FOR HIM, I PROMISE!

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