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Monday, September 06, 2010

Dads, our families, & silly games

I can't explain how excited I was when Jennie called me this summer to tell me that her family was moving back to our city (Army) and would be here for a good while! I couldn't wait to wrap my arms around her and her sweet kiddos. Seeing her everyday (really!) is a highlight - especially in the car line at school as we wave energetically at one another across the parking lot. We giggle in the hallway at church as we wait outside the door for our kids to get out of Sunday school class. People think we're crazy, I'm sure.

Anyway, our kids have become reacquainted with each other, Jennie and I have had some great conversations, and our husbands...well, they have acted the fool!

It all started with two families walking to the park after eating dinner together last night. The Dads carried their little girls on their shoulders while the other children made a B-line to the playground.

With great excitement, the men discussed quantum physics & angular momentum (just kidding) while watching their girls play. Really....the topic of discussion was probably theology and college football....'cause they go hand-in-hand.

Next, the old men got a kick of energy and climbed
atop the rocking toys to "show off" to their sons.

Then, this happened.

Yeah, it's all fun and games until someone gets....well, you know the rest.

1 comment:

lifemoreabundant said...

This post made me:
a. so happy for you
b. a little sad for me
c. nostalgic for our lifegroup evenings with y'all.

(Loran says he's named their labor day visit "life group west") :-)