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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What an adorable baby girl!

My friend, Danielle, is in town for a few short days and I had the honor of spending two hours with her yesterday afternoon to take some pictures. Isn't her daughter just adorable???

So, despite the fact that I was a walking mop of sweat, AND that I sat down in an angry live ant bed, we had lots of fun and even found a new beautiful (free!) location in town to have future photo shoots. Come back soon, Danielle....we sure do miss you at Westminster.

By the way, my ant bites aren't itching.....
at the moment.


AmberV said...

Jawan! These look AMAZING! I must know what action you used to finish them and the lens. Way to go girl!

Joni M said...

yup awesome pics for sure...whew, I sure do miss a LOT about living in the south--but I sure don't miss those nasty ants...yikes--so sorry!