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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I think I'm gonna cry

BooMama wrote today of her love for certain Christian music artists and songs of the 90s. I viewed the clips she posted and cried! I have so many memories that those songs were a part of. Thanks to BooMama, I have spent most of my evening perusing YouTube watching videos of some of my favorites from the 90s, my teenage years.

Listening to Steven Curtis Chapman sing with that big blond mullet hair makes me remember the youth room at First Baptist in my hometown where I would sit and listen to his earlier albums on my Walkman. I think of choir practice on Sunday afternoons and how we would try to sing songs from SCC's new (at the time) album, The Great Adventure. Often, I would follow SCC on his unplugged tours around the southern states. I would try to sit as close to the front as I could so I could watch his fingers strum the guitar and see his hair bounce. Today, he is still one of my favorite Christian artists. After the tragedy of losing his daughter, I am encouraged to read his words of faith of how he puts his trust in the goodness of a sovereign God.

Then, there's Wayne Watson. Mr. Watson is dear to my heart. His voice is incredible, soft, and powerful. I loved listening to him sing and floods of memories sweep through my mind when I just hear one of his songs or see his album covers. Songs like Somewhere in the World Today, Touch of the Master's Hand, For Such a Time As This, Watercolor Ponies, and....oh, could we forget.... Another Time, Another Place. Even after all these years, he's still singing and mesmerizing me with his voice. Today, he is visiting various nations, handing out Bibles and sharing the gospel, riding his motorcycle, singing concerts, and loving his wife and newborn twin grandchildren. I feel like a GROUPIE since I just Googled him and found his blog, of which I am now a subscriber! And, he had a mullet, too...what's up with that?

Don't even get me started on Steve Green (half-mullet), Larnell Harris, and duet-queen Sandi Patti. I have many mixed tapes that I made on my double cassette stereo of these fabulous singers.

Hey, we all have our favorites from the 'ole days....don't knock 'em.

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GA Peach1944 said...

Do you know how to download video's from You Tube? I don't think anyone does.