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Friday, August 06, 2010

Andrew's reading accomplisment

Andrew is in first grade this year and he's aware that he has been struggling to read. At his age, I'm not worried about the fact that he's slightly behind some of the others in his class. I know that it will click when it clicks. I want him to enjoy reading and it would just make it worse if I pushed him. So, we work on phonics and sight words at home from time to time and we are always reading random books of his choosing around the house. Today, he stopped me in the hallway before lunch and asked if he could whisper something into my ear. I stooped down and listened...

"Mama, I read 15 big words today all by myself out loud to my teacher! I'm halfway through my reading book and it's just the second day of school!"

He was so proud.

I was prouder.

Andrew cried a few tears of joy with me as we held each other and my eyes got so watery that my sweet little four year olds were worried about me. I think being with my kids at school everyday is going to make me go through a myriad of emotions, both high and low.

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heather said...

So sweet.