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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Teacher Appreciation gifts

I like to make stuff. If you come to my house you'll find lots of neat little piles of various projects that I'm working on. This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week" nationwide so I've been busy making gifts for the teachers at our school. Like Becky, I desire to spend zero to VERY LITTLE on my projects and, rather, just use what I have on hand. I've been hoarding watercolor paper since I love to paint with that medium.

Here's what I did:

1. took postcard size of watercolor paper
2. painted vertical stripes of colors & let dry
3. painted teacher's first initial
4. wrote rest of teacher's name & scripture verse (I chose Psalm 63:3)
5. mounted postcard on black cardstock
6. Again, mounted bordered postcard on complimenting solid color cardstock
7. framed in simple 5x7 black frame that can be mounted or stood.

I've still got eight more to make by Thursday. No Facebook for me (


Megan said...

Those are amazing! You have a very lovely, very steady hand. Nice work!

BKicklighter said...

Those are GREAT! (and you got a compliment from Megan! Wow!) I am really impressed.

Laura said...

Love them, and stealing your idea.

Baking Momma said...

So Um much can I get those made for for my teachers at the end of the year??? BTW you are amazing!!!!