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Thursday, May 06, 2010

An evening with the Worleys

Oh, an evening with Allison and Kelsey is nothing but TOTAL fun! Not to mention combining their personalities with Cinco De Mayo....P.A.R.T.Y! We joined the silly couple for dinner and a short concert last night - it was a time filled with outrageous laughter, dancing, jokes, Frisbee (in front of the concert hall!), Mexican food, music, and memories.

This is Allison after.....

...she screamed when seeing this roach.

This is Allison talking to the little troll that lives in the city drain (see how Luke follows her lead? Help us!).

Yeah, this is Allison acting the fool. She cracks me up. I think it's because we are so much alike, except for the ten year age difference thingy.

Allison taught my kids how to play leapfrog.

The guys sat and watched our silliness. Oh, but you should have watched these two play Frisbee. Impressive....right, Kelsey? Oh wait, you hit my kid in the head with that orange disc, didn't you?

We love you both, Kelsey and Allison! Your friendship is amazing and [I] am so thankful I have a friend (who is not moving out of town) with whom I can be real, crazy, and dorky!

Oh yeah, one more funny thing happened last night. It's very common to hear live music in the evenings on the main street of uptown Columbus. There are a variety of restaurants and people, especially since the school of music at CSU is located uptown as well as some housing for the students. While waiting for our table at The Cantina Andrew spotted one of the singers setting up his stool, mic stand, and guitar. I watched him walk to the singer and then ask, "Hey, Sir. Can you play "Wheels on the Bus"? The guy (singer) smiled real big and just said, "Maybe!". At that moment, we were called for our table and our giggles were slowly minimized.

As we left the restaurant, we had to walk past the singer to get to our next destination. He spotted us coming down the sidewalk and quickly began playing "Wheels on the Bus"! We all cracked up laughing....and so did the other 30 or so people who were listening as they ate outside (or maybe they were nervously laughing - ummmm, who told the singer to play kids' music?).


BKicklighter said...

Mitch looks like he is shrinking? Are you too? GREAT!
Fun evening. You make it sound glamorous to live in Columbus.

Anonymous said...

This post made me sad.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm going to miss everyone.