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Monday, May 03, 2010

My town: Columbus, GA

I love living in Columbus. I often wonder if we'll spend the rest of our lives here or if God will move us on one day. I wonder if my children will have the joy of living here throughout their childhood and adolescence, graduate, and then bring their families to our house for long visits.

I look forward to the days that God has us planted here in Columbus. It's my town.

Thanks to my friend, Betty Smartt Carter, for her book, Home Is Always the Place You Just Left. It was the book that I held close when we left our last home in Alabama to move to Columbus.

1 comment:

The Montgomery Family said...

So interesting...I remember less and less about the details about where I lived before we moved here...but I remember so well some of the MOMENTS that were shared, especially with people there.
I will never forget Columbus because of the people I met there, even if I can't remember my last zip code anymore :-)