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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I won the grand prize!

One of my favorite blogs, Blissfully Domestic, had a giveaway last week. Guess what. I won it!
The Grand Prize (value $199.96) included:
Kodak digital camera, 12 megapixels with video
Babies Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD
Safety First Healthcare basic kit
TastyBaby Eco Bag (which contains one box each of: Tasty Baby Organic fruit snacks, Organic Cereal Bars, and Organic Infant Cereal)

So, my new camera is on the charger getting ready for our beach trip tomorrow. I adore my Canon Rebel XTi (thanks, Holly) but it's a little much sometimes to carry around EVERYWHERE!

I mean, my purse, my camera bag, the baseball gloves, etc....a pocket camera is great for this mom. What a fantastic belated Mother's Day gift, and all I had to do was leave a comment. And my new little booger captures video, too! Now I can finally show off my little munchkins on my blog in live action. Time to toss those Hi8 tapes.

Thanks, Blissfully Domestic!

1 comment:

geauxcory said...

man I'm jealous! I too need a small camera to carry around at all times. I better start registering for giveaways!