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Friday, April 30, 2010

Um, I got a little something but it ain't much

My middle child is staying the night with his grandparents and cousin tonight. I miss him!

Our other two children are sacked out in their beds and I think I hear Mitch in one of their rooms snoring. He must have fallen asleep snuggling with one of the kiddos.

My head has been hurting all day. Not a headache but kind of like a swimming thing. You know, every time you bend down and the pressure increases in your body, your head feels like it's about to pop!? Or, when you turn your head too quickly and the swoosh happens in your brain? Yeah, that's what I'm experiencing. I'm gonna go pop some more Tylenol before crashing in the bed.

I just finished reading a piece of fiction that has taken me six months to complete. I love to read but my time is usually spent reading news online, newspapers, and magazines. Long stories have got to be REALLY GOOD to keep my attention...or to keep me from falling asleep in the bed as I turn the pages.

You know, sometimes I dread writing for this blog. I mean, who really wants to read about what I did with my time today? Who really wants to know that my head hurts? Who really cares that I don't have time to read long novels? I'm not fishing for feedback....just tellin' it like it is.


~Mad said...

I DO! I DO! I love keeping up with you this way!
Love, ~Mad

KIM said...