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Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Dirt" is gone....

Our Beta fish of three and a half years, DIRT, finally passed away last week. He simply died of old age, the PetSmart fish expert told us. He was a good pet....low maintenance and fully house trained. We've already got another, though. This time a female named LISA (again, Andrew chose the name....don't know where or how he comes up with his decisions!). It seems fish will be a constant pet in this house.

1 comment:

lifemoreabundant said...

We were thinking of a beta for our mackerdoodle on her third birthday. She, however, has informed me that she wants a puppy, named "Frisky." It could do with the fact that EVERY house we visited in Canada, except Nana's, had a puppy. Not fish.

She's not getting a puppy.