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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ready for some pessimism?

I have homework for my photography class that I haven't finished yet.

I have piles of dirty dishes waiting to be washed sitting in my sink.

I have a hall bathroom that reeks of little boys, if you know what I mean.

I have a master bedroom that has been the "catch-all" for all things random since the day we moved in three years ago.

I have an art class to teach tomorrow and am still putting the final touches on my lesson plan tonight.

I have a regional newsletter to design that is due in seven days. I haven't started.

I almost never read my material or listen to the assigned MP3 beforehand for Bible study. That's awful, isn't it?

I am losing four close friends in the next two months...they are all moving to galaxies far, far away.

After playing a game of Frisbee with a few friends tonight, I had to come to terms that the game of ULTIMATE is no longer an option for me.

I can't find a pen or my phone in my purse due to all the receipts and coupons sticking out at me.

I owe the library some money. Books overdue. The library is near my house. Don't ask.

I have gift cards to Amazon and Parable but I can't seem to find anything I need....only things I want. I'll keep waiting.

My son has been assigned his first big research project (kindergarten). I don't even know when it's due. I was a school teacher for two years and I'm now the parent that I used to sinfully roll my eyes at for not being "responsible" with their child's academics.

On my TO DO list contains items such as "make tea", "finish 1 load of laundry", "unload dishes", and "vacuum car". Those feel weird to write on my TO DO list when the rest of the list reads "call ____, email _____, make dental appoint., invite ____ for dinner", etc.

I never pre-plan our meals. This is something I'd really like to change as I'm seeing the impact it's having on my time management. What's time management?

I mopped my kitchen floor for the first time in .....well, I'm not gonna admit how long it's been. If it weren't for dinner company, it would still be un-mopped.

I want to visit my hometown more than I've ever wanted to, but gas is expensive.

No matter how much I de-clutter and purge, there are still piles to go through, drawers to empty, and things to trash.

It's 11:34 PM as I type and I need to get to bed. I think I'll just save this post in DRAFTS and decide later if I'll publish it. I crack myself up.


BKicklighter said...

Glad you posted it. I would change the name from pessimism to realism though. SO GLAD to hear you have piles. Sigh. I often begin to drown in my list like yours. What are we going to do about it? Weep and Walk?

Kim said...

I like you. I like being your friend. I wish I could say that I was your "very good friend Kim". I like your frank realism. Thanks.

PS... pretend your house is on the market. I have serious anxiety about how clean the house is, but my bedroom is no longer the catch all. And my floors get mopped regularly. And there's no dust on my windowsills. Don't ask about the blinds.

Mike and Kacie said...

I have a house full of boxes waiting to be unpacked. I have boxes sitting in literally every room of the house (except my kitchen-the one small victory). The worst part is, I have the time, just not the energy. So, don't worry because you're not alone my friend :) My house will remain cluttered for an undetermined amount of time. Sigh.

heather said...

Good post.

Amber said...

I laughed out loud at this post...only because every single one of the things on your list are on my list too...esp the one about my child's academics, hahaha. thanks so much for sharing, and know you're not alone... praying for ya friend...

Piper Paradise said...

Thanks for sharing.... I felt like I could have posted almost the same things :-)

geauxcory said...

Who would have known that a blog about pessimism could be so encouraging for so many people. We're glad to know we are not alone! :)

-Amber (from M.O.P.S)