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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Party at the park

It's been a week and a half since Andrew turned 6 years old, but today was the first opportunity we had to celebrate with friends and family. I think he enjoyed this party more than any other. We simply found a green field area at the park and set up for a game of kickball, conversation, and nibbling. It was a NICE 80 degrees...couldn't have been nicer (click on any picture to enlarge).

Andrew said he wanted to have a UGA party and agreed with my suggestion to ask all invited to wear an article of clothing with their favorite sports team identified. We had ALOT of UGA fans in attendance (Go Dawgs!), a good many Florida Gators, two Alabama "Crazies", and a sprinkle of faithful Georgia Tech followers.

When I asked Andrew what he wanted to play with at his party with his friends, he spouted out a list: the football, Frisbees, kickball, sandbox, bubbles, hoola hoop, and tennis balls. He had a plan!

The kickball game was the highlight and I think the adults enjoyed it more than the kids! Nikki had a competitive spirit and gave the game all her might! Chad nor Mitch held back in their power....good thing Austin and Nathan were there to TRY to catch the some of the throws (bad Gator!).

Bacon Band-aids for boo-boos!

There were church and school friends there but Andrew seemed to be overly thrilled when two neighborhood families came! Even at his young age, he's already being mentored by his elders in his life on a regular basis. He's learning much from the twins and some of the fathers in our church. I hope he looks back at these pictures and has a great appreciation for these friendships.

My mother, sister, brother, and pregnant sister-in-law were able to come as well as Mitch's sister's family. Birthday parties three times a year creates more opportunities for me to see these precious people. I know that they are precious to Andrew as well. He loves them so much..even the dog, Einstein.

Tonight at bedtime (8PM!):
"Mom, Can I have a pug puppy on my 7th birthday next year?"


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