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Tuesday, September 08, 2009


My blogging will be sporadic this week.

It might have something to do with sand, waves, sun, pool, & FUN!


Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah. Rub it in . . . :-)

Anonymous said...

Just kidding. Hope you all have a restful, healthy, stressless, rejuvenating time.

The Montgomery Family said...

Didn't you just go on vacation? :-) Hehehe...have fun! I hope the weather is beautiful!

Joni M said...

Oh my, splash all around in that gorgeous pool area an extra time or two for me! And when you go over to the beach--make sure you see a sunrise, a sunset or both, and just take a pause and listen to the sounds of the ocean...humm, I'm assuming you are at the Palms in Destin?? You go girl--have a wonderful time! And I'll think of you when we get to go to the beach in another month!