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Monday, September 07, 2009


One has to wait X number of years after retirement before being inducted into The Sports Hall of Fame. Michael Jordan is being enshrined this week.

So, do we start counting from the end of Brett Farve's first retirement or second retirement?

Sorry, Tera and Loran - I couldn't resist.


lifemoreabundant said...

season to make sure he's ACTUALLY retired before they begin counting. That could be years from now. :-)

The Montgomery Family said...

There will be yet a third retirement because he is playing for the Vikings currently (as of recently anyway).

I am with Coralie...we need to wait a few seasons after his final retirement to start counting, whenever that may be!

With regard to Mr. Jordan, which sport are we talking about? He has tried all of them, hasn't he? :-) Just kidding, I think Michael Jordan was a great bb player :-)