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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Picture pages

Luke is our child that doesn't mind being alone. What I mean is, he doesn't require a lot of attention and sometimes I lose him in the house because he's so quiet. Usually, the quietness means he's either in his room reading, in a corner drawing/coloring, or off somewhere playing with a simple toy. I'm not sure if this is due to birth order or personality - a good mixture of both, perhaps. I'm the middle child, too, so I understand how he re-energizes himself. We are much the same.

Tonight, he escaped the noise in the family room and took some time alone in the "toy room". A little while later, we found what he had been doing and he explained it to us.

Dad: "Wow, Luke! That's a really good drawing!"

Luke: "Yep, it's a picture of Gami (my mother) and a bird outside her house."

Mom: "You really like to draw, huh?"

Luke: "Yeah. It's fun. Can I have a snack now?"

He's so funny!

Ask any of my family members and they'll tell you that I've always had a love for drawing in pencil or ink....but I think that Luke has got me beat when it comes to drawing with chalk.

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