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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Big Picture: California Wildfires

I have family in LA so I'm staying up-to-date.

HT: Pictures can be seen at The Big Picture: California Wildfires

Angeles National Forest, in the hills outside of Los Angeles currently has several wildfires tearing through it, the largest of which - named the Station Fire - has so far burned over 140,000 acres, destroyed nearly 100 structures, and claimed the lives of two firefighters whose vehicle fell from a road into a steep canyon. Evacuation orders are in place for thousands in communities around the city, and residents of Los Angeles itself are contending with thick smoke and ash hanging in the air, causing air quality to drop to unhealthful levels in many parts. Currently, the Station Fire is estimated to be 22% contained, and favorable weather appears to be aiding the efforts of the firefighters.

1 comment:

The Montgomery Family said...

I was just looking at those. Amazing how huge those fires are, especially that picture...I mean, from SPACE? Are you kidding me?!

I hope your family in LA stays safe!